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Note taking

  • I haven’t found the perfect note taking app, but here are a few I use/used
  • Confluence, currently using
    • Cons: $10/mo; sluggish UI; content lock-in (hard to export)
    • Pros: full-featured editing/formatting/automation/page-organizing capabilities
  • Quiver, currently using
    • Cons: lacking some editing features compared to Confluence; somewhat buggy when converting between modes; buggy mobile app (as of 2019) - small issues but made me feel like I can’t fully trust the editing experience.
    • Pros: $10 one-time purchase; supports markdown/latex/code mode; Vim key binding; fast UI; no lock-in (content in plain text)
  • Evernote, abandoned a few years ago, still holds older notes
    • Cons: poor organizing, no Vim, no markdown or latex support; subscription fees if you write a lot
    • Pros: good sync’ing, fast local app UI


  • Local edit and render: MacDown
  • Rendering with GitHub api: use grip
  • TOC generation: gh-md-toc
  • Equation numbering inside MacDown: include the following in markdown text

      <script type="text/x-mathjax-config">
        TeX: { equationNumbers: { autoNumber: "AMS" } }


  • Jekyll minimal mistake theme
  • Jekyll uses kramdown for parsing markdown
    • Kramdown uses $$ in new line for math blocks and inline for inline math. See Math Block section here

      A math block needs to start and end on block boundaries. It is started using two dollar signs, optionally indented up to three spaces.

      Using inline math is also easy: just surround your math content with two dollar signs, like with a math block. If you don’t want to start an inline math statement, just escape the dollar signs and they will be treated as simple dollar signs.

      If you have a paragraph that looks like a math block but should actually be a paragraph with just an inline math statement, you need to escape the first dollar sign:

    • In _includes/head/custom.html I added the following for enabling MathJax and equation numbering. page.mathjax is defined in _config.yml.

            <script type="text/x-mathjax-config">
                TeX: { equationNumbers: { autoNumber: "AMS" } },
  • Favicon generator:

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