Welcome to my personal site! This is a place where I post some notes now and then mostly for future reference for myself, but I hope they might also be useful to others (I was going to do this in GitHub directly but it seemed impossible to get LaTex support for markdown there).

I graduated from Nanjing University before coming to the U.S. for graduate study at the University of Washington in Seattle. My research was in the area of silicon photonics–a technology that aims to build large-scale optical processors in a similar fashion as how we build CPUs/GPUs. While the most obvious use case is data communication, more recently silicon photonics is used for very exciting new directions such as for realizing quantum computers and for accelerating neural network computations.

During my PhD, together with my labmates and academic advisors, we “open-sourced” all the tools (design software and foundry processes) needed to build the kind of optical processors through an initiative called OpSIS with the backing from UW and Intel. OpSIS allowed hundreds of research institutions and companies to access and expeirment with this new technology and resulted in numerious high impact publications. In 2012, we founded a startup that commercialized our research. The startup later turned into Elenion and launched its first product in 2017.

Following this milestone, I decided to shift focus to a new (and, at that point, undetermined) area. After exploring a few wildly different directions, I eventually joined Amazon AI. I worked in the AI Algorithms Group and then AI Labs under Amazon Web Services (AWS) along side world-class researchers and builders delivering research into various machine learning products and services at AWS.

I enjoy meeting new people, learning from them and exchanging ideas. Feel free reach out for conversations on technology, startups, or careers. My contact information can be found in the left sidebar.